Oct 09
Fall Health Tips

Fall Health Tips – Stay Healthy All Season Long

Stay Healthy All Season Long with Juiceria and these Fall Health Tips

The fall season is here and if you’re like us, you are excitedly making plans for the array of activities that occur every October. While you are busy carving pumpkins and turning your home into a spooky spot for Halloween, don’t forget to give your body a health boost! Our fall health tips are just the ticket to keep you going strong!

While school is in full swing, your schedule is busier than ever, and you’re attending more events, maintaining a strong immune system is more important than ever.

Eat the Fruits and Veggies of the Season!

Fall brings more than Spooktacular events and cooler weather. It also brings a wide variety of fruits and vegetables! Eating produce when it’s in season is the best method to support a healthy immune system and active lifestyle.

Among all of the seasonal produce, try to add apples, carrots, cranberries, kale, and spinach to your regular diet this fall. Along with vitamins A and C, this produce is full of antioxidants and minerals that will help fight free radicals in your body, ease digestion, help with sleep, and many more benefits to help you feel your best!

Juiceria offers a number of menu options that include these fruits and vegetables. We only use fresh produce, too. You can trust that our juices, smoothies, and menu items are made with the highest quality! In between pumpkin patches and fall carnivals, stop in for Apple Pie Smoothie, and Cranberry, Chicken, Apple Sandwich. Grab a Carrot Elixer to go and you are set!

Fall health tips

Get Plenty of Fresh Air

Fall brings beautiful changes to the landscape and cooler temps. Get outside and take advantage of the benefits that come with these Autumn months! Often, the air inside of houses and buildings can contain more toxins and allergens than outdoor air. Getting outside will help to refresh your air intake. Not to mention, time in the sun will help you produce vitamin D, a nutrient that most people become low on during the cooler months.

Juiceria’s menu items are all prepped to take with you! You can easily get your order to go and be on your way just as quick. Our juices, smoothies, and breakfast and lunch options are perfect to take with you for all of your fall activities while you soak up that fresh air!

Fall health tips

Reconnect with Friends

While you’re out, make a date to meet with your friends! Now that summer vacations are over, and friends, family, and neighbors are back to a regular routine, you have the perfect opportunity to set up a time to meet with friends. The connections you make help to boost your mental and physical health! Catching up is more than a great way to spend a few hours. You can ease stress, release endorphins from laughing, and feel personal connection.

Stop by Juiceria with your friends to catch up over a smoothie! With our breakfast and lunch options, you can do lunch and get the benefit of fresh, healthy food with great conversation. That’s a win-win in our book!

Keeping Our Friends Happy and Healthy!

Our goal is to keep our friends happy and healthy! Juiceria supports and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Get your daily fill of nutrients and get active! From your fall activities, to the upcoming holidays, Juiceria is your partner for living a happy, healthy, and full life!