Nov 19
happy and healthy

Stay Happy and Healthy This Holiday Season

A Happy and Healthy Holiday The holidays can be a season of joy and reconnecting as friends and family gather together to celebrate. The holidays can also play a major impact on your health with the increase in travel, less sleep, eating unhealthy food, and overindulging in sweets and alcohol. To... read more →
Oct 09
Fall Health Tips

Fall Health Tips – Stay Healthy All Season Long

Stay Healthy All Season Long with Juiceria and these Fall Health Tips The fall season is here and if you’re like us, you are excitedly making plans for the array of activities that occur every October. While you are busy carving pumpkins and turning your home into a spooky spot... read more →
Sep 09
Juice to Boost your Active Lifestyle

Use Fruit to Boost Your Active Lifestyle

It's All Fruit, Baby You lead a busy and active lifestyle and you need food to fuel it. Along with vegetables, lean meat, and healthy fats, fruit plays an important role in what you eat. We’ve listed the greatest benefits of fresh fruit below. Check it out and learn for... read more →
Aug 07
Eat your water

Eat Your Water and Stay Hydrated

Do you get enough water during the day? Adequate water intake is important for the overall health and performance of your body. You’ve heard the standby rule, drink 8 glasses of water a day. The Institute of Medicine recommends men drink at least 13 cups and women 9 cups a... read more →
Jul 19
Blue spirulina superfood

It’s Majik! Blue Spirulina is the Superfood You Need Now!

Blue Spirulina is the Latest Trend If you’ve scrolled through Instagram lately, you’ve likely seen blue-hued smoothie bowls, lattes, and other foods made with Blue Majik, also known as blue spirulina. Taking social media and health enthusiasts by storm, this superfood is turning everything blue – from mermaid lemonade to... read more →
Jun 26

5 Surprising Health Benefits of Fresh Juice

We Heart Fresh Juice Is there anything better than a glass of cold, freshly pressed juice? The colors and tastes are so vibrant and so anticipated, the whole experience of drinking it is like a party for your taste buds! Well, at least when you have cold-pressed juice from Juiceria... read more →